All About The Motivation

Since things have been going well and we’ve been getting to know each other a bit better over the past few weeks, I think that we can get a little bit more serious for a moment, but only a little as I’m not that kind of guy. My thinking is that if I’m meant to be inspiring and motivating you then it’s only fair that I let you know what inspires and motivates me day to day and in entering this race.  Continue reading “All About The Motivation”

The Abused Body of a New Runner

So as we launch into 2016 at full speed (that’s about 9:30min/km for me) some home truths are starting to sink in; in 3 weeks I have the Tussock and in 7 weeks I would have popped my proverbial Hillary cherry and will be enjoying an ice(bug?) cold beer. To say that the nerves aren’t kicking in would be a lie, and after reading Zara and Rob’s blogs I can say with absolute certainty that I am the least experienced runner of the Inspirers and the only one not to have run the Hillary before.    Continue reading “The Abused Body of a New Runner”

Gratuitous Product Placement

And now for my second trick I shall wow you with tales of new shoes and earworms.

I’m going to jump into the IceBug section of the to be expected sponsors gear review quite early for a number of reasons which I’ll cover off as we go. When I signed up for the Xterra series I joined a team with my mates and we were the Badass Runners aka Team IceBug (although the team shirt didn’t fit at the time). As such I was able to become an early Ice Bugger and get my hands on or more specifically feet in some of the first Icebugs in New Zealand around the time of the 4th race. Continue reading “Gratuitous Product Placement”

The post Hillary aftermath


So after what was basically a killer of a race, that went from searing heat to torrential downpour, I was left both stoked to have completed it and saddened that my time as an Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer was over. I had enjoyed writing my weekly(ish) blogs, and as it turned out people somehow enjoyed reading them. So I was left pondering the question; “Do I want to continue writing about my experiences and journey?” I said to myself “why the hell not, I can always stop if it gets annoying.”

So here we are, after days of deliberating on a witty name, at Kiwi Trail Snail. I’m going to attempt to post something at least monthly, stating with dumping in my Inspirer blogs (as it’s a quick way to add some content I’ve all ready done).

So buckle up and lets see where this goes.