Searching for a Race Pace

It’s starting to dawn on me that I apparently can run faster for longer than I thought. In the past I would happily plod along at training and races at the same leisurely 10min/km average pace. With meaning too this in fact it had subconsciously become the goal to stay close to that mark. But since I’ve been training with Chris and having him called out on this stagnation the 10min/km is to be left in the dust mud. The Xterra Totara Park event is on nice quick trails with no real steep hills, so I was aiming to set a good time.

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Two for one race wrap

Being a little snowed down lately with work and sick kids, I am only now getting to a wrap up of the¬†Shakespear Park Xterra Series race¬† 3 weeks ago and the Tough Guy and Gal OCR race last weekend. Continue reading “Two for one race wrap”