The post Hillary aftermath


So after what was basically a killer of a race, that went from searing heat to torrential downpour, I was left both stoked to have completed it and saddened that my time as an Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer was over. I had enjoyed writing my weekly(ish) blogs, and as it turned out people somehow enjoyed reading them. So I was left pondering the question; “Do I want to continue writing about my experiences and journey?” I said to myself “why the hell not, I can always stop if it gets annoying.”

So here we are, after days of deliberating on a witty name, at Kiwi Trail Snail. I’m going to attempt to post something at least monthly, stating with dumping in my Inspirer blogs (as it’s a quick way to add some content I’ve all ready done).

So buckle up and lets see where this goes.