The Blog That Started It All

For anybody that missed them or, for some inexplicable reason, you want to read them again, I’m going to be reposting my Hillary Inspirer blogs over the weekend. Starting this morning with the my first introductory one.

Good day, my name is Brent and I’ll be one of your Icebug/CEP  Hillary Inspirers this year. I work as the Operations Manager/engineer/dogs body for Revolution Fibres, a nanotech company in Henderson. Fitting running in around the job, wife and two preschool daughters proves to be a bit of a challenge at times. However getting out for a run is proving to be a great break from the stresses of work and noise of the house.

In what seems like a lifetime ago I was a competitive rower and rugby player, however for the past 10 years I’ve really only been working on expanding my waistline. Having decided to make a change I started jogging and was quickly enticed off the roads by trail running friends. It was at this point, as Rob Edkins puts it, I contracted a mild case TURPS – only mild as I’m not yet crazy enough to run 80km; you guys are nuts but mad props to you. The 16km Hillary is going to be my longest and hardest race to date but I love the challenge that it is going to bring. Who knows in a few years I could be getting ready for the 80km – Well maybe more than a few years if we’re being honest, and more likely the 34km, I am built for power not endurance after all.

So in keeping with my job, I have put together an exciting PowerPoint presentation for your viewing pleasure since everyone loves a good PowerPoint slide show.


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