When The Penny Dropped

Less than 9 sleeps to go! Holy cow. When I signed up for the Hillary it seemed like there would be heaps of time to train and get ready, now it’s just over a week. I hope everyone is close to where they want to be at this point. As for me? Well I thought I was on track, however a testing of the waters last weekend has rekindled the nerves.

Having never really run on the Hillary, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I know it has a bit of a reputation as a man eater in spots. Normally I’ve been going into races not knowing what is in store, the surprise is half the fun. But this time I though it prudent to have a sneak peek. So Dale, Lee (who’s first race will be the 16km) and I headed out to see what we’re in for and we were not disappointed. Tired, sore, worried but not disappointed.

Enjoy a brief video of our morning.

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