Good day, my name is Brent and this is blog about my experiences as a slow runner of trails.

I work as the Operations Manager/engineer/dogs body for Revolution Fibres, a nanotech company in Auckland, New Zealand. Fitting running in around the job, wife and two preschool daughters proves to be a bit of a challenge at times. However getting out for a run is proving to be a great break from the stresses of work and noise of the house.

In what seems like a lifetime ago I was a competitive rower and rugby player, however for the past 10 years I’ve really only been working on expanding my waistline. Having decided to make a change I started jogging and was quickly enticed off the roads by trail running friends.

Since then I have lost a good chunk of weight, feel a lot better and have a new passion. I’m never going to be setting any course records but I’m down with that, I’ve done the whole competitive sport before.

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